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Pulau Dayang

Located 65 km off Mersing on the northeast coast of Johore, Dayang Island is West Malaysia's furthest and most unique paradise out in the South China Sea. Untouched and unspoiled, surrounded by crystal clear blue water of striking beauty and remarkable marine resources.

Although known to sportfishermen as the region's foremost Black Marlin fishing location, this sunny little island is virtually unknown ... a place often described as "new discovery". However, with more efforts now being made to increase accommodation and more information disseminated about its unbeatable scenic beauty and fabulous underwater world, Dayang is poised to be explored more and to lay claim to being one of the most beautiful island paradise in the world.


Here's a little into the culture and history hundreds of years old ...
The main island Aur is one of the Malay words for Bamboo (commonly, it is "buluh"). Thus, Pulau Aur is "Bamboo Island". Historically, Aur has been known to Chinese sailors for centuries. A map printed in the 17th century, which derived its information from the famous voyages of Admiral ZhengHe in the 15th century, identifies Aur as two island (as indeed it does appear to be from a distance) according to its two peaks, Xi Zhu Shan (west bamboo mountain) and Dong Zhu Shan (east bamboo mountain).

Dayang Island, is the second biggest island in the Aur group. Facing the Aur Island, separated by Dayang Channel, is Kampung Pasir Putih - The Village of White Sand... And its in this small village where the popular Dayang Island Resort is situated.

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